Traditional Easter Simnel Cake decorated with balls of marzipan and yellow primroses
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Traditional Easter Simnel Cake

I really like fruit cake – any sort of fruit cake and I love marzipan, so a Traditional Easter Simnel Cake which combines the two is one of my favourite cakes, and is always part of my family’s Easter celebrations. Simnel cake dates back to medieval times and is traditionally […]

Victoria Sandwich Cake on a cake stand with a slice cut out

Classic Victoria Sandwich

My Victoria Sandwich is a favourite in my tearooms. It is a classic British cake said to be named after Queen Victoria, who is reputed to have enjoyed it with her afternoon tea. It is a light two layer buttery sponge cake made from equal quantities of eggs, sugar, butter […]

Piece of fruit cake on a plate

The Best Old Fashioned Fruit Cake

February can be a grey and rather miserable month and at this time of year I crave wholesome comfort food. The old fashioned fruit cake we make for the tea rooms definitely satisfies this craving. The dried and glacΓ© fruits are simmered with sherry, butter and sugar until they are […]

Whole Chocolate Ginger Cake on a plate
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Chocolate Ginger Cake

The tea rooms is now closed for the winter and we will re-open in the spring. This means that I can now spend more time preparing for Christmas. I was about to make a traditional fruit cake for Christmas as I do every year when I thought “Why not break […]

Close up of Cornish Aromatic Apple Cake from above

Cornish Aromatic Apple Cake

This week my friend Margaret gave me some apples from her garden. They were a variety I hadn’t heard of before, Cornish Aromatic. They have a firm fresh flavour with a hint of pineapple. The skin is quite rough and dry so they need to be peeled to use in […]