Scones, Sweet Scones

Rhubarb and Ginger Scones

I love rhubarb and these Rhubarb and Ginger Scones were inspired by one of my favourite puddings – Rhubarb Crumble. Rhubarb is in season so after snapping up as much as I could manage from my local supermarket and making my crumble I still had some left over. I’m always […]

Scones, Coronation, Sweet Scones

King Charles’ Scones

May 6th is almost upon us and I have been busy with my coronation bakes. I have made some special scones which I call King Charles’ Scones. They are aromatic orange scented scones bursting with whisky soaked raisins. They are of course organic scones made from organic ingredients as King […]

Scones, Savoury Scones

Seeded Spelt Scones

What I really like about these Seeded Spelt Scones, like my Date Scones from last week, is that they can be paired with either sweet or savoury flavours. Try them with soup, cheese and chutney, marmalade or jam. I came up with this seeded scones recipe when I found an […]

Scones, Sweet Scones

Date Scones

This week I have been making wholemeal scones including my favourite wholemeal sweet scone – Date Scones. Use whole dates for Date Scones When making Date Scones I always use whole dates sold for snacking rather than the stoned dates sold as a baking ingredient as they are much softer […]

Scones, Savoury Scones

Scone Dogs

I got the idea for these savoury Scone Dogs in a lovely cook book I was given at Christmas ‘Modern Jewish Baker’ by Shannon Sarna published by The Countryman Press. In this book she makes ‘Challah Dogs’ which are hot dog sausages wrapped in challah dough. I thought why not […]