Homity Pie

Homity Pie is a traditional British vegetarian open pie with a filling of potatoes, onions and leeks and a cheesy topping. I have given it a new twist here by adding a lattice cheese pastry top similar to the one I used on my Sussex Pie. I think the extra pastry […]

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Sussex Pie or Apple Pie The Sussex Way

It’s apple season again here in the UK! British apples are beginning to appear in the shops and those lucky enough to have apple trees are gathering in their crop. I only have one small apple tree which is not very productive so I have been very pleased that neighbours […]

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The Best Pastry for Mince Pies

I think I have said before that mince pies are my favourite Christmas food, but only homemade ones. I have yet to taste a decent factory made mince pie. It is no wonder many people say they don’t like mince pies if all they have ever eaten are the ones […]