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A pile of blueberry and lime scones
Scones, Sweet Scones

Blueberry and Lime Scones Recipe

Now summer is here there are plenty of luscious berries in the shops. I have been experimenting using soft fruit in scones. Many American muffin recipes include soft fruit – blueberry muffins being the most popular. Blueberries work well in scones too. I have combined them with lime to add […]

Scone cut in half with clotted cream and strawberry jam
Plain Scones, Scones, Sweet Scones

Homemade Scones Recipe

Scones are the most popular item on the tea room menu. They are an essential part of an English afternoon tea served with clotted cream and jam, but they can be so much more. Not quite cake and not quite bread they are delicious warm from the oven for breakfast. […]