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Fig and honey scones grouped together on a plate
Scones, Sweet Scones

Fig and Honey Scones

This week I have been making some fabulous fig and honey scones. I had been given two jars of delicious honey – one brought by my daughter and her family from Snowdonia, Wales and the other from Cornwall by my sister. Having these two jars of really excellent honey languishing […]

Hot cross buns on a plate with yellow primroses in the background

Hot Cross Buns

I always bake hot cross buns on Good Friday for my family. I love the warm, yeasty smell of the dough as it proves and the spicy sweetness of the buns fresh from the oven. My recipe is simple to make and well worth a little extra time. Hot Cross […]

1950s Easter Biscuits on a plate accompanied by yellow primroses
Biscuits, Easter

1950s Easter Biscuits

When I was a child, a family friend – the sort of close friend that in the 1950s we children would call Auntie – always used to make Easter biscuits. These crisp, spicy, curranty and sugary biscuits are the taste of Easter for me – like mince pies are the […]

Traditional Easter Simnel Cake decorated with balls of marzipan and yellow primroses
Cakes, Easter

Traditional Easter Simnel Cake

I really like fruit cake – any sort of fruit cake and I love marzipan, so a Traditional Easter Simnel Cake which combines the two is one of my favourite cakes, and is always part of my family’s Easter celebrations. Simnel cake dates back to medieval times and is traditionally […]