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Chocolate Tiffin cut into squares on a black board.
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Chocolate Tiffin

With Easter upon us I have been thinking of quick and easy chocolate recipes and have come up with a basic Chocolate Tiffin recipe and a couple of interesting variations – Chocolate Ginger Tiffin and Chocolate Tiffin with Glacé Fruit and Brandy. Chocolate Tiffin is a chocolate treat combining biscuits […]

Slices of Ancient Grains : Barleymeal Soda Bread
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Ancient Grains Bread : Barleymeal Soda Bread

This week I have been making soda bread using barley flour. Bread made entirely from barley quickly goes dry but has an excellent flavour. It is generally mixed with other grains (usually wheat) to make a loaf with more volume and better keeping quality. Barley has a low gluten content […]

Whole Ancient Grains Breads Rye Soda Bread
Breads, Soda Bread

Ancient Grains Bread : Rye Soda Bread

I have been making Rye Soda Bread this week as part of my Ancient Grains Bread series. Soda breads are very simple to make as they don’t require kneading or proving – you use bicarbonate of soda along with an acid to make the bread rise instead of yeast. If […]

Whole Wheaten Soda Bread with cross in the top.
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Wheaten Soda Bread

Wheaten Soda Bread is a simple, delicious, yeast free bread. It gets its name because it is leavened with baking soda instead of yeast. It is also known as brown soda bread or wholemeal soda bread. My Irish grandmother made her soda bread using traditional buttermilk ie: the liquid left […]