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Victoria Sandwich Cake on a cake stand with a slice cut out

Classic Victoria Sandwich

My Victoria Sandwich is a favourite in the Tearooms. It is a classic British cake said to be named after Queen Victoria, who is reputed to have enjoyed it with her afternoon tea. It is a light two layer buttery sponge cake made from equal quantities of eggs, sugar, butter […]

Jars of Seville Orange Marmalade standing on a wooden sideboard

How To Make Seville Orange Marmalade

My mother always made Seville Orange Marmalade and as soon as I was old enough to be trusted with a sharp knife I was allowed to help. I have many memories of the kitchen filled with the scent of oranges, love and laughter. My mother passed her skills and traditions […]

Piece of fruit cake on a plate

Old Fashioned Boiled Fruit Cake

The old fashioned boiled fruit cake recipe I use for the tea rooms definitely satisfies a comfort food craving. For this boiled fruit cake recipe the dried and glacé fruits are simmered with sherry, butter and sugar until they are plump and glistening, making a moist rich fruit cake. A […]

Four ginger nut biscuits on a plate

Homemade Gingernut Biscuits

This week I have been making gingernut biscuits – I had to make six batches of biscuits before I was happy with my recipe. My daughter and her family have been taste testing all week. It’s a good job they all love gingernuts! Gingernuts are an old fashioned favourite and […]

Four chocolate digestive biscuits on a blue flowered patterned plate

The Best Homemade Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

When I asked my grandaughter which biscuit was her favourite she said chocolate digestive biscuits. I wasn’t surprised as the chocolate digestive is the UK’s favourite biscuit. I checked out the supermarket but couldn’t find a brand that didn’t include palm oil in its ingredients. Even McVities, the makers of […]