Stuffed dates and marzipan sweets with glace cherries on a plate

Christmas Stuffed Dates

If you are in need of something to occupy the children or grandchildren over the holiday season you might like to give these simple Christmas Stuffed Dates a try! After making them see what extra sweet treats they can make with the leftover marzipan!

I often make these with my grandchildren – it has become something of a family tradition.

Christmas Stuffed Dates

Recipe by Scones Plus More Course: Sweet, SnacksDifficulty: Easy


stuffed dates
Prep time




  • 2 packs of Medjool Dates – my packs had nine dates each

  • 250 grams marzipan (I used golden marzipan)

  • 150 gram packet walnut halves (there should be some over)

  • A little granulated sugar


  • Remove the stones from the dates by making a slit across the top.cutting slits in dates with removed stones on a cutting board
  • Take a small piece of marzipan and roll it into an oval shape resembling the date stone.
  • Push this into the gap left in the date by the removal of the stone.
  • Press half a walnut on top of the marzipan.Single date with marzipan in the slit and half a walnut on top
  • Put some granulated sugar on a plate and roll the stuffed date in it.

Ideas for using the leftover marzipan

We had plenty of marzipan left over from the 500 gram pack after making the stuffed dates so I asked the children for ideas on how to use it.

They rolled out the leftover marzipan to about ¼ inch / 0.8 cm thick between baking parchment and then cut out stars with a mini star cutter.

Metal star cutter on top of rolled out marzipan with some cut out stars of marzipan

They were then baked in a cool oven 130°C fan for 20 minutes. When they cooled down they were decorated with icing and glacé cherries.

The second idea was to just make little round of marzipan and top them with half a glacé cherry. These were baked in a cool oven 130°C fan for 25 minutes. They were rather more freeform than the stars as you can see from the photo!

Little rounds of marzipan with red, yellow and green glacé cherries on a plate.

If you need some more Christmas baking ideas please see my other Christmas recipes!

Happy Baking!

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