Sweet Scones

Scones, Sweet Scones

Fig and Honey Scones

This week I have been making some fabulous fig and honey scones. I had been given two jars of delicious honey – one brought by my daughter and her family from Snowdonia, Wales and the other from Cornwall by my sister. Having these two jars of really excellent honey languishing […]

Scones, Sweet Scones

Apple and Cinnamon Scones

The new crop of British apples are now appearing in the shops, so it is time for some apple recipes. I made an apple pie using Bramley and Cox apples for Sunday lunch and also some apple and cinnamon scones for tea. For these I used Worcester apples which I […]

Scones, Sweet Scones

Blueberry and Lime Scones Recipe

Now summer is here there are plenty of luscious berries in the shops. I have been experimenting using soft fruit in scones. Many American muffin recipes include soft fruit – blueberry muffins being the most popular. Blueberries work well in scones too. I have combined them with lime to add […]

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Easy Scone Recipe

When I ran my tea rooms I would make literally 80-100 of these scones every day! Luckily they are easy to make and you only need a few ingredients – hence why I like to call this my Easy Scone Recipe. Homemade scones are an essential part of an English […]