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Date Scones

This week I have been making wholemeal scones including my favourite wholemeal sweet scone – Date Scones. Use whole dates When making Date Scones I always use whole dates sold for snacking rather than the stoned dates sold as a baking ingredient as they are much softer and moister. It’s […]

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Four Fresh Fruit Scones for Summer

Summer is the perfect time for a lazy, indulgent afternoon tea, while lounging in the cool shade or basking in the sun. To inspire you to get creative with your scones, I’ve picked four of my fresh fruit scones recipes to get you baking this summer. 1. Blueberry and Lime […]

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Strawberry and Rose Coronation Scones

I have another suggestion for scones for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations – my delicious Strawberry and Rose Coronation Scones – the perfect partner for my Strawberry and Blueberry Platinum Jubilee Scones from last week. The coronation was in June, which is the month when British strawberries are at their […]

Scones, Jubilee, Sweet Scones

Platinum Jubilee Scones

Her Majesty the Queen celebrates her platinum jubilee (70 years) this year and the UK will be celebrating on June 3rd – the anniversary of her coronation in 1953. If you are having a party, perhaps you could try my special platinum jubilee scones. They are a simple scone recipe […]