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Chocolate Ginger Cake

This Christmas I had planned to make a traditional fruit cake as I do every year when I thought “Why not break with tradition and make a different cake for Christmas?”. I have recently developed a new Chocolate Ginger Cake for the tea rooms which has been very popular. Chocolate […]


Cornish Aromatic Apple Cake

This week my friend Margaret gave me some apples from her garden. They were a variety I hadn’t heard of before, Cornish Aromatic. They have a firm fresh flavour with a hint of pineapple. The skin is quite rough and dry so they need to be peeled to use in […]

Desserts, Cakes

Raspberry Sponge Cake

My Raspberry Sponge Cake is a fantastic summer dessert, made with a very light fatless sponge. I am using raspberries as they are my favourite soft fruit but any other soft fruit could be used instead. Here in the UK you can usually find fresh fruit even after summer has […]