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Almond Icing (Marzipan)

I always decorate my glacé fruit Christmas cake as I would a traditional rich fruit Christmas cake with almond icing (or marzipan icing) and royal icing. You can buy some very good ready made marzipan or almond icing but if I have time I like to make my own. My […]

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Glacé Fruit Christmas Cake

This Glacé Fruit Christmas Cake is ideal if you need a last minute Christmas cake or are looking for an alternative Christmas cake to the traditional rich fruit cake. It is also known as Light Christmas Cake but I really like to call it Glacé Fruit Christmas Cake. I first […]


Tanya’s Apple Kuchen

This week I have been making Apple Kuchen, the German version of apple cake. In fact I have made seven apple kuchens with my family valiantly taste testing each one until we were happy with my version of this cake. There are many different recipes for Apple Kuchen, some using […]