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Ancient Grains Bread : Barleymeal Soda Bread

This week I have been making soda bread using barley flour. Bread made entirely from barley quickly goes dry but has an excellent flavour. It is generally mixed with other grains (usually wheat) to make a loaf with more volume and better keeping quality. Barley has a low gluten content […]

Breads, Soda Bread

Ancient Grains Bread : Rye Soda Bread

I have been making Rye Soda Bread this week as part of my Ancient Grains Bread series. Soda breads are very simple to make as they don’t require kneading or proving – you use bicarbonate of soda along with an acid to make the bread rise instead of yeast. If […]

Breads, Soda Bread

Wheaten Soda Bread

Wheaten Soda Bread is a simple, delicious, yeast free bread. It gets its name because it is leavened with baking soda instead of yeast. It is also known as brown soda bread or wholemeal soda bread. My Irish grandmother made her soda bread using traditional buttermilk ie: the liquid left […]

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White Soda Bread

White Soda Bread is a great place to start if you are baking your own bread for the first time. It is a very simple, easy bread to make. It really is the quickest of all breads – no kneading, no proving and it tastes so good! If you would […]

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English Tea Cakes

English Tea Cakes are another tea rooms staple – my customers love my homemade ones. My recipe is based on several different traditional recipes including Yorkshire Tea Cakes and classic English Tea Cakes and contains no spice. I used to buy my tea cakes from my catering supplier but after […]